Wetland Team Notes (9-28-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

We were Ok’d to plant in Pond 21—yes, that’s correct. The last of the ponds for the south side of the restoration have been completed and we can now descend on it with a plethora of plants!!! Chatt, John H, Andrew C., and Ahlene were the first to get some pickerel weed, maidencane, soft rush and spikerush into the ground. Gail, Diane and Becca were madly cutting through the clumps to sprig and count. Thanks to all for your help!

Plant of the Week

spike on grass with seeds

Image courtesy of Larry Allain, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Egyptian panicgrass, Paspalidium geminatum

This wetland grass is actually a really cool grass–because the first time I noticed it, I was convinced it was a Paspalum based on the way the seeds sit within the rachilla. But Paul did the right thing, took a sample and keyed it out to Paspalidium geminatum–which is in the Panic Grass family! It likes/prefers to be in the water and unlike other grasses, tends to be sparse and non-clumping in form. Between this grass and Leptochloa, I am appreciating how they fit so well within our ponds.

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