Wetland Team Notes (9-15-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

We hosted our YES Prep North Central kids this past week and WOW what a workday! It was pretty hot and the work was kind of intense for this group, but they pulled it off and planted all 250 pots of wetland grasses and miscellaneous grass-like plants. Special thanks go out to Chatt, Lana, Rebecca, and Joe for helping with the students, and to Ray for plugging away at the seeds.

Plant of the Week

Spider Lilly and Pickerel Weed Flowers in a WetlandSpider Lily, Hymenocalis liriosme

Spider lilies have been a part of our restoration plant list from day 1 of Phase 1 at Sheldon Lake State Park. This perennial bulbs produce such distinctive and lovely white flowers with a bright yellow throat, that it is easy for most people to be attracted to their beauty (just like their potential pollinators). For several years now, several TMNs have collected and sprouted seed of this desirable plant–which is a great supplement in our restoration process.

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