Highland Bayou Project

The Highland Bayou project is a multi-year effort to work with cities, businesses, and residents to identify steps for improving the quality and safety of the bayous. Plan recommendations may mean your community is eligible for funding to implement in-the-ground projects and public awareness campaigns.

The Highland Bayou project area is about 120 square miles in size, and includes Highland and Marchand Bayous, Moses Lake and Bayou, the Diversionary canal, and coastal bayous like Basford and Karankawa Bayous. For map of study area, Click Here.

The Moses-Karankawa Bayous Alliance covers several communities in Galveston County, including Texas City, La Marque, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, Bayou Vista, and Tiki Island. Main objectives of the Watershed Alliance are to:

  • Incorporate ideas and resources from many different groups.
  • Work together to implement the Watershed Protection Plan.
  • Coordinate stormwater management information, stream clean-up events, proper waste disposal and restoration activities.
  • Involve the general public, youth groups, schools, and many others in enjoyable, hands-on activities geared toward improving the watershed.
  • Help citizens learn and appreciate the value of conservation, pollution prevention, and cleanup.
Some of the GOALS of the Watershed Alliance include:
  • Protecting and restoring fish and wildlife resources throughout the watershed.
  • Reducing the impact of flooding on homes and businesses.
  • Protecting and restoring natural habitats.
  • Improving awareness and understanding of the watershed and its value.
  • Raising the standard of Highland Bayou water quality.
  • Developing and implementing a monitoring strategy to evaluate the watershed protection plan.
  • Integrating quality of life issues in the plan.


Click Here to learn more about the Highland Bayou project. 

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