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Who We Are

Empowering Texas’ citizens through leadership and facilitating positive changes in coastal waters, habitats, and communities.

The Texas Community Watershed Partners (TCWP) provides education and outreach to local governments and citizens on the impacts of land use on watershed health and water quality. The TCWP operates on the Land Grant model of integrated university research, education, and extension.  We engage the resources of Texas A&M University, and other universities in Texas and across the country, to put the tools of sustainability and resilience into the hand’s of Texas’ citizens and to help solve critical issues.

         AgriLife Extension Disaster Assessment and Recovery


What We Do

The watershed is our fundamental unit of analysis. Watersheds integrate all the flows of water, mass, and energy across their surfaces. The TCWP likewise integrates all disciplines that intersect with these flows.  We group our activities loosely under the banners of WATER, HABITAT, and COMMUNITY. Land health, as originally articulated by Aldo Leopold, is the framework with which we judge the success of our projects.

The TCWP currently has an annual budget of nearly one million dollars, with a return on investment versus “hard” money of over 10:1.

If you’re interested in being a part of our Planning efforts, please consider Joining Our Team.


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