Wetland Team Notes (10-5-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

The crew was divided into specific tasks this past week. We needed to continue with the planting in Pond 22, as we had buckets of material. But we also needed to get the seed cleaned so that it could be bagged for the workday on Saturday with the kids. We had a great turnout: Lana, Diane, Ahlene, John H, John E., Joe, Andrew, Glenn, Becca and Chatt. Thanks y’all for your great work!

Plant of the Week

Flat, round Watershield clustered on surface of pond

Watershield, Brasenia schreberi

This floating emergent plant can easily hide among the lily pads, and it takes a second look to notice that it is not Nymphea but rather a unique plant. First you notice that the leaves are ovate and that the stem attached to the leaves in the center (peltate) and then the dead giveaway is the slimy, jelly-like film under the leaves. Pond 17 has several small colonies of these aquatic plant and we hope they will persist.

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