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caset study_sheldon

Freshwater Coastal Prairie Wetland Restoration—

Case Study: Sheldon Lake State Park  

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   Utilizing Llocal plants_restorationocal Native Plants in Coastal Prairie Wetland Restoration

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connectivitycover Evidence of Surface Connectivity for Texas Gulf Coast Wetlands

PDF Version1st page –  760k – ask for a copy Published in Wetlands –  March 2011

This paper is one of the first in the nation to make the case for a “significant nexus” for an entire class of wetlands.




The Resilient Coast: Policy frameworks for adapting coastal Wetlands to Climate Change and Growth in Coastal Areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico PDF Version – 3.8M Ask for a hard copy (be sure to include your mailing address, and the name of the publication)








Texas Coastal Wetland Guidebook This is THE book for learning about Texas Coastal Wetlands. For a hard copy, contact us. On-line version: www.TexasWetlands.org 






 Freshwater Wetland Loswetlosscovers, Lower Galveston Bay Watershed

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Thumbnail of GLOMIT Revised reportGalveston Bay Wetland Mitigation Assessment and Local Government Capacity Building [Revision]

  PDF version(6.4 MB)




Front Page of Wetland Loss PublicationHouston-Area Freshwater Wetland Loss, 1992-2010

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Upper Texas Gulf Coast Pothole Wetlands: New Research shows Significant and Profound Hydrologic Connections to Galveston Bay and other Area Waters

  PDF version(1.89 MB)

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