Wetland Restoration Program

The Wetland Restoration Program at Texas Coastal Watershed Program spans both on-the-ground restoration of public lands and the education of students and adults about the importance and values of wetlands.

Wetland RestorationSpider Lilly and Pickerel Weed Flowers in a Wetland

The Wetland Restoration Program recognizes that value of wetland restoration for storing rainwater runoff, mitigation of flooding, and improving water quality.  Where wetlands in a community are absent, so to is the connection between people and nature.  Restoring wetlands where we live, versus just preserving them where they still exist, improves not only the water quality, but also this natural connection. Since 2000, the Wetland Restoration Program has worked within the Houston-Galveston region to restore acres of wetlands in the local community, returning to our community greater access to nature.

Check out our Current Restoration Project at Sheldon Lake State Park

Wetland EducationTwo boys proudly showing a plug of wetland grass they dug up

The Wetland Restoration Program provides hands-on education to students and adults through volunteer experience.  Additionally, the Wetland Restoration Program hosts classes and presentations on wetland functions and native wetland plant species both on-site of restoration projects and in the local community.  An education on the value of wetlands, that is reinforced with active participation in restoration, creates a tangible connection between community and nature.  Participants experience how the health of their community and nature are bound together.  This understanding fosters an on-going interest in watershed health.

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