Wetland Team Notes (10-12-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

Thanks to our diggers last week, (Chatt and Danny and Courtney) for getting so many buckets of material for the spriggers to divide and count. We ended up with 1300 plants that we were able to count, and several more buckets that still need to be counted. (A much more appropriate picture of Danny, right, y’all?)

Plant of the Week

Panicum infloresence

Image courtesy of Donald Cameron. Copyright © 2015 Donald Cameron

Fall Panicum, Panicum dichotomiflorum

Right now, we are lucky enough to have the Fall Panicum blooming in most of ponds where they have recruited. The seedheads have wide open panicles with very delicate bright orange flowers dispersed all over the seedhead. This annual grass loves the water’s edge and does best in those moist soil conditions. The stem bend at the node and this gives the grass an overall distinct look to distinguish it in the field. This grass is yet another “tool” in the arsenal to combat exotic grasses and other unwanted vegetation.

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