Wetland Team Notes (10-26-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

This past week we were prepared to host students from YES Prep North Central. Unfortunately, due to unknown circumstances, the students did not attend the workday. This meant that our diggers were busy putting plants into Pond 23 (Sagittaria and Pontedaria). Meanwhile our Spriggers were hard at work transplanting 202 baby spider lilies into one-gallon pots. Thanks to all for helping out and welcome to James who joined us for the first time this week!

Plant of the Week

pondweed leaves covering water surface

Pondweed, Potamogeton nodosus

Every time I see pondweed in the restored ponds, I get excited. This is one of those plants that came in on its own–either via seeds from a passing goose or duck, or by luck with other wetland plants (or perhaps germinated from dormant seeds that were re-exposed with the pond creation). This perennial plant has lance-like leaves which float on the water surface, and both floating leaves and submerged leaves sit on the end of a long petiole. It is a consistent resident of Pond 17, and hopefully we will see it show up in other ponds too.

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