Wetland Team Notes (11-2-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

The Sprigging crew potted up the material from Mary’s nursery. These were plants we collected from CE King Parkway a couple months past, but had stayed at Mary’s nursery to recoup from transplant shock. After all the plants were potted, the crew moved over to the grow out ponds to work on cleaning up at least one of the ponds. It’s a slow process, but getting there….

Meanwhile, our planters were furiously planting away in Pond 21. Thanks to all the crew for coming out and working a soggy day.

Plant of the Week

alligator headshot, floating and covered in duckweed

Duckweed, Lemna spp.

This tiny floating aquatic plant usually does not get above 5mm in size but regardless of its size, can reproduce vegetatively en masse–quickly forming large groups and colonizing a pond surface. We don’t usually see extensive mats of duckweed that persist in our ponds as the ponds do dry out, which knocks back the duckweed. I find duckweed entertaining as you never know who might be hiding under the leaves.

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