Wetland Team Notes (8-12-15)

Wetland Team Blog

The Team (John Egan and Glenn) has worked diligently on the “peninsula” ponds for the spring and summer and now this past week with the last of the water evaporating off P1, we have completed our work here (but we might revisit these ponds after a good rain). The seed cleaning (Lana and Ray) has also been making progress towards completion–our goal being to have most of the seed ready to lay down as soon as the weather turns in the Fall. Thanks to all of y’all for coming out and making it work!!!!

Plant of the Week

Mud Plantain, Heteranthera limosa


Considered an agricultural weed, these little guys pop up in the muddy edges of our ponds before most other plants. These annual plants are hardy through the spring and even into the summer, with sessile leaves forming a basal rosette. The flowers can range from brilliant blue to purplish blue and all the way to white (even on the same rosette). They can also be confused with small arrowhead plants and small pickerel weed plants as the leaves are similar in appearance. I personally enjoyed how they covered and matted down the mud in Pond 8 this spring and look forward to seeing them again next spring.


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