Wetland Team Notes (8-24-15)

Wetland Team Blog

The stalwart crews headed out in the heat to collect new material, and prep and count the plants. Thanks to the diggers (John Egan, Glenn, Chatt) for getting it done and the spriggers (Gail, Lana, and Ray) for “tearing” down the clumps to manageable sprigs. A giant Thank You for making everything work.

Plant of the Week

Narrow Plumegrass, Saccharum balwinii


I was introduced to this grass by Kelly Norrid and it was his suggestion to collect the seed and propagate seedlings from what we collected. Of course, any propagation would have to be done by Tom Solomon who’s specialty is getting seeds to “pop”. We received several trays of seedlings soon enough and now we have many pots that are desperate for a home on the “peninsula”. This grass prefers the dappled shade with some water (but not permanent inundation) which makes it perfectly suited to the pond edges in P1 to P4.


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