Wetland Team Notes (9-7-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

A big thank you to David Hanson for all his spider lilies which were planted in their new home at Sheldon Lake SP. And again, thanks to the crew (John Egan, Chatt, Diane, Lana, Ray, Gail, Rebecca and David) for all the hard work on the south side!!

Plant of the Week

Clump of needle-like tall rush

Image courtesy of NRCS USDA

Black Needle Rush, Juncus roemarianus

One of my favorite brackish marsh plants…black needle rush is definitely lovely, distinctive and worth remembering when you are restoring brackish marshes. It gets its name from the very sharp, needle-like leaves which are stiff enough to poke you–even through blue jeans. This perennial grass forms large clumps and once established in a marsh, it can stabilize the soil and/or shoreline with its deep fibrous roots. A great plant–for when you need a brackish marsh selection.

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