Wetland Team Notes (11-16-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

Everyone continued worked on their respective tasks of sprigging and counting (Glenn, Diane and Lana), collecting and planting (James, Chatt, Danny, Courtney, Jim S., and Joe) and seed collecting (Ray). Thank you to the Team for being patient in my absence while I care for my Mom. (Thank you Diane for making a great pie for the Team; I know everyone appreciated it!!)

Plant of the Week

Broadleaf Arrowhead leaves and flower

Image courtesy of Jim Stasz, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Broadleaf arrowhead, Sagittaria latifolia

Last week, Danny and I had the opportunity to go out to Brazoria County and collect some Sagittaria latifolia. This is the first time I can remember collecting this species. It was growing wild in the ditches in the back country and with the recent rain, this arrowhead was growing in very deep water. The roots were surprisingly shallow and the stems were spongy–moreso than other Sagittaria species. All in all, it was fun trying to get close enough to the plants without completely immersing ourselves (in the end, Danny and I both took on water in our boots).

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