Wetland Team Notes (11-10-2015)

Wetland Team Blog

Unfortunately our school group from YES Prep 5th Ward cancelled their workday with us. However, that did leave plenty of material for the planters to get installed in some deep ponds. Spriggers were busy counting the 1000 sprigs of Sagittaria platyphylla. Thanks to all for your patience and commitment.

Plant of the Week

Water Fern on a fingertip

Water Fern, Azolla caroliniana

Similar to duckweed in appearance, Azolla is a free floating aquatic fern with fronds that will turn red in strong sunlight. Its velvety appearance comes from tiny fine hairs on the fronds. We have learned to welcome Azolla in our ponds–as it does not dominate the water surface and is only seasonal present within the deepest section of our ponds. But we still enjoy our little Azolla patches!!

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