Wetland Wednesday, February 13

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Today we hosted Atascosita HS Aquatic Science class at Sheldon Lake SP. The very early morning clouds worried me briefly, but they passed and opened to a bright sunny, albeit windy, morning workday. We had 15 students working with our mentors (Chatt, Tom B., Glenn) out at Pond 15, installing 2,709 sprigs of various species (Carex hyalinolepis, Eleocharis montana, Juncus effusus, and Spartina patens). Some of the plants managed to get all the way over to Pond 14 as well (about 100 E. montana and 200 J. effusus). Our numbers included the material prepped today by Sprigging crew (Gail and Dick), which was just about 500 plants. We did great work today and thank you to everyone for making it happen!!!

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