Wetland Wednesday, February 6th

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We were the lucky host for YES Prep North Central (Home of the Trailblazers!!) .  Despite the fluctuating drizzle and rain and overall gloomy weather, the 6th grade students sprigged and made seedballs.  Working closely with the mentors today (Seedball Crew Leaders:  Dick, Gail and Cathy), the students made a fresh batch of about 1,000 seed balls with our special wetland Juncus mix, and potted up 437 pots of Iris brevicaulis and some Eleocharis montana (Sprigging Crew Leaders: Glenn, John and Cullen).  We were originally anticipating a “march” out to Pond 15 to plant Juncus effusus, but the rain held the students back at “base”.  Planting was left to the “fearless” Chatt and TXTom.  After knocking out 5 buckets of material, a soggy but chipper Chatt and Tom returned to move all the potted plants into the above-ground ponds.  It was an amazingly productive day and refreshing to have eager students not subdued by rain.  🙂

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