Wetland Wednesday, January 23rd

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We lucked out yet again with good weather and thus were able to plant and sprig. The Sprigging crew (Dick, Diane, Gail and Ray) was in charge of separating and counting two full loads of plants: Carex hyalinolepis, Juncus effusus, Spartina patens, and Eleocharis montana. All of which is heading for its final destination in Pond 15. The Planting crew (Chatt, Tom, Regina, Glenn, Marilyn, and John) took prepared material out (253 Carex hyalinolepis, 382 Juncus effusus) to start, coming back to retrieve the second load (125 Spartina patens, 135 Carex hyalinolepis, and 131 Juncus effusus) to plant. Everything was finished with time to spare for the spriggers who sliced through an additional 350 plants (mix of J.effusus and E. montana). We all “celebrated” over fantasticly fudgy brownies provided by Tom Betros. Thanks to all for your dedicated work!

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