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Wetland Wednesday, January 30th

  On our streak of good fortune with weather, we planted yet again in Pond 15. Mary joined us today (yay! She did actually come back for a visit!) and joined the planters in the field installing fresh sprigs (1252 J. effusus, 100 E. montana and 33 R. corniculata): Chatt, Tom, John, Glenn, Regina, Susan C., and Sue M. Planters plowed through Great conditions for planting (so I heard!). The mighty spriggers made quick with the new sprigs (Juncus effuses and Eleocharis montana) totaling 1620 sprigs. Amazing job… Read More →

Wetland Wednesday, January 23rd

We lucked out yet again with good weather and thus were able to plant and sprig. The Sprigging crew (Dick, Diane, Gail and Ray) was in charge of separating and counting two full loads of plants: Carex hyalinolepis, Juncus effusus, Spartina patens, and Eleocharis montana. All of which is heading for its final destination in Pond 15. The Planting crew (Chatt, Tom, Regina, Glenn, Marilyn, and John) took prepared material out (253 Carex hyalinolepis, 382 Juncus effusus) to start, coming back to retrieve the second load (125 Spartina… Read More →

Wetland Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We were so obviously expecting the worst for weather today, and were happily amused to have a lovely sunshiny day beam down on us. Our crew did double duty in the field and back at the shed. Our field crew (Chatt, John, Tom and Cullen) managed to get the Carex hyalinolepis and the Spartina patens in the ground in Pond 15, and sneak over to the boardwalk area to rescue more plants. The quiet seedling crew (Dick, Glenn and me) transplanted several hundred Hibiscus moscheutos into larger single-sprig… Read More →

Wetland Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our workday at Sheldon revolved around getting the buckets of Carex hyalinolepis (Thin-scaled sedge) out from the grow-out ponds and over to pond 15. I recently tallied up the material planted per pond and realized that pond 15 is WOEFULLY behind in numbers. So, we need to invest some plant collateral there. 😉 The buckets roughly counted out to 375 sprigs of sedge, and the Team was quick to plant everything in the moistened soil of 15 on the bare spots between clusters of Aster subulatus (saltmarsh aster)…. Read More →