Wetland Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our workday at Sheldon revolved around getting the buckets of Carex hyalinolepis (Thin-scaled sedge) out from the grow-out ponds and over to pond 15. I recently tallied up the material planted per pond and realized that pond 15 is WOEFULLY behind in numbers. So, we need to invest some plant collateral there. 😉 The buckets roughly counted out to 375 sprigs of sedge, and the Team was quick to plant everything in the moistened soil of 15 on the bare spots between clusters of Aster subulatus (saltmarsh aster). Today, we had our almost standard two crews of “planters” and “seeders”….Chatt, John, Glenn, Cathy, Marilyn, Cullen and I travelled to pond 15 and did the muddy portion, while Ray, Gail and Dick continued with the seed work in the Annex and went one step further to make some hibiscus seed balls. Planting crew did make short order of the work and went over to pond 2 to rescue more material from the boardwalk area for next week: Carex hyalinolepis and Spartina patens.

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