Wetland Wednesdays September to October 2014

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I am sorry, y’all, for not keeping up with the weekly Blog on the Team.  It’s been a rough two months trying to stay ahead of everything.  And we’ve done soooooo much!!!!  On September 17th, we hosted YES Prep North Central (Go Trailblazers!!) at Sheldon Lake State Park.  The kids were introduced to the park and got a brief run-down on the restoration work there.  Then they had a chance to get their hands dirty either making seed balls or potting up sprigs.  Kids—ahem, Students—were eager and full of smiles!

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Our other six workdays were full of our normal work: seeding, some sprigging, planting and some cattail treatment.  Our motley crew has been coming out regularly getting it all done.  Chatt, John E., John H.,  Ricardo and Ahlene have been vegetating the open areas in Ponds 8 and 17, while Dick, Diane, Gail, Ray and Glenn have sprigged all kinds of sedges and rushes, and getting our cartloads of seed whittled down to small bags.

We are taking a hiatus on October 29th to let the mentors help with students at Armand Bayou Nature Center.  On November 5th, Cullen will be back and leading a seed cleaning session at our TCWP office (1250 Bay Area Blvd.).

Y’all are amazing!!!!  Thank you for all your effort and dedication.

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