Wetland Wednesday, June 4th

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It was a lovely day out at the Park (Sheldon Lake State Park, that is), and the crew had a wonderful opportunity to work in wet conditions (makes the planting 10x easier).  Pond Bittern is looking amazing….so much so, that Chatt took the Seed crew out on a tour.  The Coreopsis in bloom with the Juncus makes for a picturesque scene.  For some of the Seeders, it had been months since they had a chance to see the ponds.  The seed(y) crew prepped the roughly  1300 seeds of Spider Lily.  Some of the babies were already rooting, so we know the seed is viable.  Thanks to David Hanson for bringing us 40 yearling Spider Lilies.  Every one of the babies will be put to good use.

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