Wetland Wednesday, November 13th

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What a great day!  And that is saying a lot because it was very blustery out in the wetlands, and I was convinced that all my YES Prep students would opt for inside work….but noooooooo, they chose the “high road” and went a-plantin’.   A slow start (no surprise since it was 40 degrees with a breeze, and the water was super chilled) ended with 1200 plants in the ground! Go Cavaliers!!!

Planting Mentors (Chatt, Glenn, John and Marilyn) were on-hand for guidance and assistance when needed.  🙂   The inside crew did work on seedballs with the Seed Mentor Crew (Dick, Diane, Gail).  Meanwhile, Lana and Ray (Seed Crew) were busy cleaning the Indian Plantain seed–a big job.

Today, I was reminded of how wonderful the Team is–they function seemlessly!  Y’all truly amaze me.  Thank you for being a part of this adventure.

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