Wetland Workday, October 25th

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Today was a lovely brisk day to host our volunteers from NRG Energy.  Sixteen employees came out to plant wet prairie grasses and forbs in the Vasey Treatment areas (deemed safe by our Natural Resource Ranger, Kelly Norrid) in Pond 17 (Phase 3).  The crew plowed through: (pots) 14 Guara lindheimerii, 11 Euthamia sp. ,  8 Solidago sp.,  40 Helianthus angustifolia, 18 Arnoglossum plantagineum, 6 Lobelia puberula, 3 Eupatorium spp., 31 Tridens stricta, 5 Aristida sp., 64 Juncus diffusisimmus, 60 Rhynchospora indianolensis, 31 Saccharum giganteum, and 30 Saururus cernuus.  In addition, the crew planted (sprigs) 900 Hydrolea ovata, 300 Muhlenbergia capillaris, and 150 Rhynchospora corniculata.

Phase 3 will look wonderful this spring!

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