Wetland Wednesday, April 17th

sag playt leaves close_sm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This week was marked by our “readying” for plants to deliver to Buffalo Bend Nature Park.  The crew set out to collect Sagittaria and, by golly, we did.   Collecting crew (John, Marilyn, Glenn), however, would prefer I note that the collection site is rendered NOT VIABLE for the future (for more details, just ask Glenn 🙂 ).  Once 700 Arrowhead plants landed  into buckets, we returned to the park to check out the progress of the spriggers (Ray, Diane and Gail).  All the sprigs were nicely organized per species (Juncus, Spartina, Rhynchospora) and counted (over 1500 plants).  Thank you to the two crews—y’all are awesome!

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