Staff Bio- Steve

Steven Mikulencak, AICP


Steven Mikulencak AICP certified planner and Extension Program Specialist for the Texas Coastal Watershed Program . He works from Houston, TX and specializes in stakeholder participation and planning tools for local decision-makers. He has worked in the private sector on comprehensive plans, zoning, design guidelines, and GIS analyses for local governments. He now develops planning and outreach programs for TX coastal communities using the weTable and GIS modeling tools. Projects under his management include Coastal CHARM, Texas Coastal Citizen Planner Program , CERC Resiliency, the Highland Bayou Watershed Protection Plan in Galveston County, and is the lead facilitator for the TX RESTORE Roundtables. Projects are supported through partnership with the National Sea Grant Office, FEMA Region 6, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US EPA Gulf of Mexico Program, and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program. He earned his BS in Geology from Virginia Tech and his Masters in Urban Planning from Cornell University.

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