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Wetland Team Notes (8-31-15)

Wetland Team Blog The Team, as always, worked hard to multiple fronts. Our diggers, John Egan and Chatt, planted several buckets of material out at P1. Meanwhile, our planters (Lana, Gail, Diane, Ray and Rebecca) were busy sprigging the remaining collected material. Thank you guys for doing such an awesome job! Plant of the Week Soft Rush, Juncus effusus In honor of our class this week, we will spotlight Juncus effusus or Soft Rush. This perennial rush can be evergreen throughout the year. The dark green culms “bud”… Read More →

Wetland Team Notes (8-24-15)

Wetland Team Blog The stalwart crews headed out in the heat to collect new material, and prep and count the plants. Thanks to the diggers (John Egan, Glenn, Chatt) for getting it done and the spriggers (Gail, Lana, and Ray) for “tearing” down the clumps to manageable sprigs. A giant Thank You for making everything work. Plant of the Week Narrow Plumegrass, Saccharum balwinii I was introduced to this grass by Kelly Norrid and it was his suggestion to collect the seed and propagate seedlings from what we… Read More →

Wetland Team Notes (8-12-15)

Wetland Team Blog The Team (John Egan and Glenn) has worked diligently on the “peninsula” ponds for the spring and summer and now this past week with the last of the water evaporating off P1, we have completed our work here (but we might revisit these ponds after a good rain). The seed cleaning (Lana and Ray) has also been making progress towards completion–our goal being to have most of the seed ready to lay down as soon as the weather turns in the Fall. Thanks to all… Read More →

Wetland Team Notes (7-27-2015)

Wetland Team Blog Holy moley, y’all!!! We went collecting water lilies this week and oh my! it was an adventure. They lilies appeared deceptively shallow as they were so close to the shoreline. What we realized later was the drop-off in the ditch was significant and these lilies have significantly long stems and roots buried deep. We were able to claim 12 lilies (which are now potted up in the Clear Lake nursery). We also collected several button bush stems, Rhynchospora corniculata, and Echinodorus rostratus. Thanks to all… Read More →

Wetland Wednesdays September to October 2014

I am sorry, y’all, for not keeping up with the weekly Blog on the Team.  It’s been a rough two months trying to stay ahead of everything.  And we’ve done soooooo much!!!!  On September 17th, we hosted YES Prep North Central (Go Trailblazers!!) at Sheldon Lake State Park.  The kids were introduced to the park and got a brief run-down on the restoration work there.  Then they had a chance to get their hands dirty either making seed balls or potting up sprigs.  Kids—ahem, Students—were eager and full… Read More →

Wetland Wednesday, September 3rd

Our last class was a bit of a challenge….the Rushes! (family Juncaceae).  Since we didn’t have a large number of different species, it was a good class to cover some other plants like Canna and Thalia. Meanwhile the crew systematically removed the soft rush (Scirpus validus) from the ag ditch at the park.  All the material will be used for the Stormwater Wetland projects.  

Wetland Wednesday, August 27th

Today’s class, while not as lengthy as Cyperaceae, was equally complicated.  Andy guided the class through the family Poaceae, and hopefully everyone left with a little more understanding of grasses. John, Glen and Chatt worked on digging up some Lotus from the education ponds for the Stormwater Wetland program.  The digging was difficult because the roots go far and deep.  60 Lotus plants later they were pleased with their full buckets.  Ray and Dick kept plugging away at the endless seed cleaning.  

Wetland Wednesday, August 20th

This week’s class was the family Cyperaceae….holy moly….it’s a big family and the class is intense, as there are many plants to cover–from bulrushes to spikerushes, and my favs, beakrushes. Gail and Susan worked on potting material up for the Stormwater Wetland program while our sturdy young men (John, Glenn and Chatt) planted out in the ponds–to spite the heat.    

Wetland Wednesday, August 13th

This week’s class focused on the family Alismataceae which includes the Arrowheads and Burheads.  These are so commonly used in all of our restoration work that it is a must to see and learn the individual species. Chatt (with a broken finger and cast) planted 4 buckets (300 sprigs) of Hydrolea with Laura in Pond 17, and thankfully, Gail worked on more seed cleaning (the bags seem never-ending–and we have to collect more!).

Wetland Wednesday, August 6th

Our 2014 Wetland Plant ID class began today!  The students started with an introduction by Ms. Charriss York into botanical terminology and basic botany.  Charriss always does a great job and everyone loves her class.  🙂  This is the first of 5 classes, which will take us into September and past some of the heat of the summer. You just can’t stop the Team!! John, and Glenn ventured out during the class to get some plants (225 sprigs of Rhynchospora corniculata) in Pond 17.  Diane, Gail, Virginia and… Read More →